Time Lapse



We spend most of our time in time lapse.  I guess it’s a bit like time travel.  We are constantly either thinking of something to do with our past (e.g. values, background, friendships, events, love) and that in turn has an influence on how we are, like now.  For most people we are caught up in the past or living in an undefined future tense which is far from now.  Chasing this and that – the external things, people, loves that can sometimes always be just out of reach but then you may at some point make it there and then you want something else.

Perhaps it’s time to have a not anything day – a worldwide day when we don’t have to do anything and then you can get on with just being.  Turn off the television (the revolution will definitely not be televised – see Gill Scott Heron), turn off your ipad, phone, mobile, fax, pc, laptop and you and your loved ones go and be somewhere where you can be, be yourselves in unison.

We are all connected – we are all human – we all have a part to play – start small and always, always follow your dreams….