All about the blog……


Desktop robot by a keyboard

We are all somewhere connecting either physically, by phone, text or digitally.  Increasingly it is digital in one form or another.

Why do I want to blog is a bit like saying ‘Why do you talk?’  You talk usually when there is someone to listen to and converse with.  With blogging there is a digital audience (driven by humans), a community to connect with.   ‘Why do you blog?’ is a bit like saying ‘Why do you communicate about your life?’  I blog as I am human and we all like to talk in one way or another.  You’ll probably go mad if there is no one to talk to and I think life is designed to share and talk.  This guy didn’t talk for 2 years as a politician. Not sure why he did that but it is a bit odd.

I guess it’s worth noting that face to face communication is very different to blogging, but I think we know that.  You simply can’t reach so many people when you have a chat as you do on a blog.  Again we come back to the blogging as an entity in itself – the space is defined but we all seem to populate it with a personal perspective and there is common ground it seems.

From another angle we all like to have our ego massaged.  To know that someone has read or looked at our blog and that after all we are not alone.  No human is an island…. Except I am sorry to hear if you are stuck in Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

For me I like to talk in pictures, poems and musings on what is a life.  We all have something to say it is just where your audience is and how you go about connecting.  To be honest I like a quirky angle on things – a little face popping out of the doorway, a still moment in the chaos or a moment that really makes you think no matter how simple….