A spanish cow….


Sunset sky - purple blue and pink with the white trail of a plane

Whilst doing a review of old pics in order to find something suitable for this blog I stumbled across this image.

It is a lovely summer evening with friends in France: drinking wine, eating food and of course ‘chewing the cud’.  This was the gentle sky as we headed towards night-time and more wine….

The picture evokes in me a smile as I was initiated in to the French phase used to describe someone who doesn’t speak French that well (that’s me folks).  Whilst my efforts were stirling, during the evening, I did manage to speak three languages in one sentence at one point: English, French and Italian.  Well after all what should you do when the wine is flowing and you are really trying to speak with the natives.  Whilst those round the table did have these skills it was a tall order to use them rather casually in the same breath and expect people to understand me.  Still I battled on.

However my hosts were rather forgiving (and it was good entertainment).  In my defense I did manage to explain about the Italian train that travels south from Naples.  It ends up at the southern most tip of Italy and boards a ferry to Messina (train and all – yes!).  Molto strano!

Anyway if you wanted that all important bit of information:

Tu parles le Francais comme une vache Espagnole (note: I am not responsible for any grammatical inaccuracies – it is as is my continental language skills – rather special in a fun kind of way…