Seeing things differently


Man playing a trombone in front of store.  SIgn in window says Pop In Today

I was cordially invited to ‘POP IN!’, well actually it was a massive sign shouting at me to enter the realm of the everything is a pound shop.  These shops are everywhere at the moment.  Sign of the times and all that.

I wasn’t going to pop in as my ‘lunch time’ is precious at work, although I don’t take it at lunch time, but that’s another story.

I often go for a stroll and think stuff.  Think out stuff mainly, so I don’t have to think it – and really get to the crux of it all – which is ‘Is it really this bad?  Did we really give up the ghost and get really, well and truly shafted?’

I guess it’s a bigger question that we must all ask of ourselves.  I know in the UK we have a relatively comfortable lifestyle (if you have a job).  I mean it’s not a war zone.

But there is a nagging doubt that we are sleep walking in to a realm that is far too odious and worrying that I think, to be honest, it’s such a massive chasm we just seem to not believe it’s really happening.  Or if you do – what do you do about it?

However no matter how hard it seems there are good people out there.  There are acts of friendship, kindness and solidarity that don’t really cost anything.  They cement the very structure of a society however badly it has been fragmented – because we really don’t want it to be a nondescript, barren, nothingness where we just amble through the shopping mall spending the time that we gave to earn the pleasure of a massive debt crisis/enslavement.

So in answer to the question ‘Pop In?’ I’ll give it a miss and listen to the trombone honking out ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ with a few bum notes here and there.