Outer Space-Inner Space (Auto Life)


Inside of a light Shade

When I post a blog I send it from inner space to (public) outer space.  I have a modest following and random people that may comment or like a post from time to time.

I was having a conversation with a friend today about ‘computer time’ and how that is different to personal time/real time.

Facebook and blogging works on the principle of reward and feel good dopamine chemicals when people acknowledge, like or comment on something you do on line. (see here)

Personal friends and personal time (face to face) works on the principle that we mostly love human to human contact (all being well).  In general we would miss this if it wasn’t there and we didn’t talk to anyone.  This is a very primordial need we have. (see here)

I guess in an IT age we live with degrees of both of these worlds.

However there is something special in personal contact – how it is non-digitised and relies on our senses (immediacy), person to person, more tangible feelings and emotions.  It can make us feel good, human and intrinsically loved in a positive way.

Inner space needs to be at peace so that we can make our outer space enjoyable for us and those around us.  A smile doesn’t cost anything and a conversation is free and will make you feel free if only for a while…..