Top Down (Auto Life)



So often we are faced with the life system of a ‘top down approach’.  What does that actually mean?

It means there is someone or a group at the top and a lot of people at the bottom.  The ratio of those at the top is very small compared with the rest of us (including me) at the bottom.  Those at the top tell everyone else what to do.  Or if they don’t tell you what to do, they make it very hard for you to do your own thing, as they put many obstacles in the way to prevent you from doing things your own way.

Things that get in the way are weird and bureaucratic laws, policies and regulations that only really serve those at the top.  They often mean you have to spend limitless amounts of time doing unendingly boring things with little gain or satisfaction.  Most of the bureaucratic laws will make you feel crap and unloved.

There is also the element of free choice.  But within this they give you so many useless choices there isn’t a choice really except a load of crap ones that won’t help you.  Or if they do they are only a distraction that you are really living a blinkered life and there is no real life choices.

We are also monitored extensively – beyond your wildest dreams (see here)

So what is the answer.  Well if you think this blog is going to give you life answers well it’s not.  What it might give you is a small speck of sand with a hand carved message on it which says.  ‘Hello, I am human too and I want to help other humans to laugh, be happy, help others and will fight for the right for all of us to live on this planet without destroying it and filling it with meaningless crap’ Or words to that effect.

As Oscar Wilde said ‘We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars’ (see here)