An old hat (Auto life)


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This time he felt he had locked the door securely. He had been to the hardware store earlier that day and had bought some substantial bolts and a heavy deadlock. That should keep them out he thought as he finished fitting them.

Roman wiped his brow with the now oily rag and then sat down to sip his tea. He rolled and then lit a cigarette. That reminded him he should get some more tobacco tomorrow. The shop was a good 2 hours on foot and he didn’t have a car.

As the sound of his footsteps continued he left the pathway to his house and walked down the picturesque lane where he now lived. He had moved from the city about 8 years ago when he was made redundant. The advertising agency didn’t need him any more, ‘Surplus to requirements’ it had said on his redundancy letter. With a nominal payout and gathering all his savings and investments he was able to buy this leafy cottage in the middle of nowhere.

When he moved in he didn’t realise it was going to need so much work and the local council wanted drawings and updates on everything as it was a listed building. Still after 3 years he truly had made it home, the beams had been reinforced or replaced from the reclamation yard and the front pathway had been retiled. He had been able to find an almost identical set of tiles.