France (Auto Nature)



In the not so distant past we spent a lot of time in the wonderfully warm and spectacular French Pyrenees.  It is a place that we hold dear as for a number of years we visited each year for a real rest and recuperation.

In this shot we stayed not far away from the non-existant sign, walked up to the nearby chateau and you had an amazing view of the valley.

On the road next to the sign we saw a wild boar and not much further away we saw a red squirrel one day just chocking about on the road.  Every evening we used the bat detector to ‘beep away’ that the bats were about.

There were many a late night round the log fire and the local wine was pretty good.

I guess most of the ingredients for a good holiday – but visiting back year after year you get to know the place that little bit more and see a slower paced way of life and fresh air and that Pyrenean light.

The picture is 7 years old but I am there in an instant…..